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The first flagship smartphone in 2021. Galaxy S21

The first flagship smartphone in 2021. Galaxy S21 image / Samsung As previously mentioned in other posts, this year's first smartphone became the Galaxy S21. The Galaxy S21 is a model of Samsung Electronics' Android flagship smartphone series, the Galaxy S series. Starting with Galaxy S, which was released in 2010, Samsung's flagship smartphone will be unveiled in the first half of every year. The Galaxy S21 is the 12th model of the Galaxy S series. Samsung's smartphones are showing the best performance of any Android smartphone, even if they have the best performance. Of course, Samsung's smartphone still performs very well, although it is not as high as when it was leading the smartphone market with Apple. The Galaxy S21 has more problems than the Galaxy S20 that was released last year. Of course, the advantages also exist, but unlike Samsung's criticism of Apple, the composition of Samsung's latest smartphone is no different from that of Apple, whi

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